Tantric massage

Tantra is no longer an unknown phenomenon outside of its area of ​​origin, which is India. Tantric massage is characterized by a holistic approach to the human body. It does not focus only on specific areas, or perhaps erogenous zones. The essence is a holistic approach. Controlled work with breath and flow of body energy is also inherent to the tantric massage. Deep relaxation and balance of body and mind is induced with the help of these techniques.

Part of the tantric approach is also the massage of intimate parts. Lingam (penis) massage as well as yoni (vagina) massage can be performed in our salon separately. However, it only fulfills its true potential as part of a whole body tantric massage. Because it is not just a matter of bringing the client to a climax as quickly as possible. It is about stimulating and strengthening the natural sexual and life energy. The climax at the end of the massage is possible, but not necessary.

Your body is a temple and all its components deserve proper attention and care. Tantric massage is a ritual celebration of just such an approach.


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