Lingam massage

Lingam massage is based on Eastern tradition of Kama Sutra. In the ancient Indian language Sanskrit, Lingam means penis. So it is clear what the focus of this type of massage is. The skillful hands of our masseuses will concentrate mainly on the pelvis and penis. They will thus caress the most intimate erogenous zones of the male body. Gentle touches will alternate with intense stimulation. You will experience endless excitement, delaying orgasm beyond what you previously thought possible. The sexual energy of the lingam will flow throughout your whole body and provide you with unprecedented pleasure and strength. And in the end, you will get a strong and delightful climax, for which you will want to return.

Working with sexual energy in the hands of a skilled professional is an experience that will be imprinted in your memory. You will leave satisfied and recharged with new vigor for the days to come.

In addition, Lingam massage can also have an interesting therapeutic effect, in case you occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction. Logically, it leads to intense blood flow to the penis, which can help alleviate the problem.

On client’s request, Penis massage can also be combined with prostate massage. With this combination you will achieve a truly ultimate excitement and experience the most intense climax imaginable. With the right attunement of the mind, the possibility of the so-called whole-body orgasm cannot be ruled out.

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