Gay Massage

Our erotic massages are not reserved only for heterosexual men and women. We also offer exclusive services for homosexually oriented clients. Experience the unique relaxation and sensitive touches of our professional masseurs.

The aim of the massage is not to bring the client to an orgasm as quickly as possible, but to induce a deeply relaxed state of body and mind, which is usually followed by gradual increase in excitement and delaying of the climax itself. In this way, the resulting orgasm, if it is to take place, becomes the strongest and most satisfying one. Erotic massage is a very pleasant way to get to know your own body better and bring it in harmony with your mind.

The course and method of ending the massage always depends on the client's individual wishes. Whether you crave caresses, gentle touches all over your body, deep relaxation and even a spiritual connection with a masseur, or you want more intense stimulation of erogenous zones, including the penis (Lingam massage), we are ready to adjust to your needs. You have the opportunity to talk to the masseur in advance and tell him your ideas and requirements. The whole procedure will be tailored accordingly. It is also possible to include Prostate massage into the session.

The massage does not include oral or anal sex with a masseur. He will bring you to climax using his hands, or you might reach it spontaneously during the massage.

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