Body-to-body massage

The masseuse is naked during the massage and uses not only her hands, but her whole body. This includes her chest and bottom. The principle of the massage is that you and your chosen masseuse will take a shower together before the massage begins. During the shower, you can get to know each other a little better and tune in to each other. You can also tell the masseuse your wishes and requirements, if you have any. The shared shower also provides opportunity for touches and is thus an interesting form of foreplay before the massage itself.

Then you lay yourself down on the mat and the masseuse will start the massage, during which she will rub her body against yours. It is really a very intimate type of massage, during which there is an intense contact between the two bodies. Because of this, it is possible you will climax during the course of massage. Alternatively, the masseuse may bring you to orgasm using her hands. For your maximum enjoyment, it is therefore advisable to choose a masseuse that you personally like.

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